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Fiber Glass Sleeving

These tubes are reinforced with non-alkaline glass braiding, coated with silicone. Main applications include electric and thermal insulation and protective housing for household appliances, industrial equipment, transportation equipment, measuring instruments, and atomic power devices. With excellent heat resistant and mechanical properties, it can be used at 180℃ variations are available to meet UL specifications.

Braid Sleeving

Feature Braid Sleeving
  • Silicone vanished fiber glass sleeving
  • UL&CSA Standard Products
Abbreviation Braid Sleeving
  • Silicone vanished fiber glass sleeving : SSG-1・2・3
  • UL&CSA Standard Products : ESG-1U
  • Superior heat resistant, can be used continuously at 180℃
  • Mechanical strength and are used as a protective layer.
  • Standard size are diameter 0.8~20mm, but larger size are also available
  • Very Supple
  • Most suitable for Thermal insulation or insulation protection
  • Standard colors is white, but other color such as red, green, yellow, brown, black etc. also available.
  • Excellent for heat resistant and low price tube.
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UL&CSA Standard Products Catalogue

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