Fluorocarbon Polymer Insulated Products

Excellent characteristics ; heat resistance, chemical resistance,low friction, and so on.

"HIFLON™" is a trademark of NISSEI's fluorocarbon polymer insulated products. Since HIFLON™ has excellent thermal resistance (it withstands temperatures range from - 200 to 250 degrees centigrade) and chemical resistance, it is often used in diverse fields such as industrial equipment, OA equipment, or transportation equipment. Also, HIFLON™ has excellent conduction and is thus suitable for use in communication devices. Its’ excellently stable composition makes it well-suited for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Recently, it is also used for medical devices.


Silicone Rubber Insulated Products

Clean material with outstanding stability and environmental friendliness.

"LIKAL™ is a trademark of NISSEI's silicone rubber insulated products. LIKAL™ is a synthetic rubber which has outstanding stability and withstands high and low temperatures range from –60 to 200 degrees centigrade. Because of its excellent characteristic for compression and weather resistance, it is often used for products such as automobile equipment, domestic electrical appliances, and moldings of building materials, which must be quality-guaranteed for a prolonged period. Also, as LIKAL™ is an extremely clean material, it is perfectly suitable for food manufacturing and medical devices.


Optical Fiber Products

Fusing of various materials and precision processing and pursuing the possibility of light.

"LICOM™" is a trademark of NISSEI's optical fiber products. Other than silica glass fiber products, we have developed various products produced from compound glass fiber and plastic fiber. By using those fibers, we also produce light sensors, light guides for illumination, various light-sources boxes, etc with excellent characteristics for heat-resistance and chemical resistance. Nissei continues to make breakthroughs in the fields of optical communication (eg. data communication fiber, picture transmission fiber, etc.), medical devices (eg. laser-beam transmission fiber, etc.), and high-precision processing (eg. semiconductor laser sources, etc.).