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Website Policy

This website (www.nissei-el.co.jp, www.nissei-el.cn, www.nissei-el.com, below as "this site") are controlled and managed by Nissei Electric Co., Ltd. (below as "our company")
By using this site, you signify your assent to these terms of use.
Our company reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these terms at any time. Please check these terms periodically for changes.

1. Restriction

Please refrain from using this Web Site for any of the following acts:
  1. Infringes or violates on property or privacy of third party or our company.
  2. Uploading or distributing any harmful programs, soft-wares and any other illegal materials via this site.
  3. Any criminal intent to change and interferes this site.
  4. Any falsehood report or notification such as registered other person's e-mail address.
  5. Slander, calumny or any violated threat to third party or our company.
  6. Inflicts a disadvantage or damage to third party or our company.
  7. Defaming, disgracing and libeling third party or our company.
  8. Disturbing public order.
  9. Criminal acts.
  10. Any other activities that are unlawful or prohibited by any applicable laws.
  11. Any other activities that our company deems inappropriate.

2. Copyright

All copyright (including without limitation, photographs and graphical images), design right, topography right, database right, application to register any of the aforementioned rights, trade secret, unpatented know-how and right of confidence in this Website and its content are prohibited to copy or forward without any permission.

3. Trademark

Our Trade name and Trade Mark displayed in on this site ("Nissei Electric Co., Ltd.", "Nissei Electric", "HIFLON", “LIKAL” and “LICOM” etc.) are protected the Commercial Laws, Trademark Law, Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and others. Using without our company permission is prohibited.

4. Personal Information

  1. In case of request for our catalogues or any inquiries, personal information are required.
    In case of offering any information about our company such as products and services, some customer information (Name, e-mail address, Telephone No. and address etc.) are required.
    For any purpose other than the information dissemination about our goods or services, personal information is not required.

  2. Personal information we required is for recruitment, and management purposes only.
    However, in following situation, personal information would be disclosed to third party if necessary:

When product catalogue are delivery by our sub-contractors, only some necessary personal information will be disclosed. In this case, we will make an agreement with our sub contractor to manage personal information of customer.

By any of official requests from the judiciary or government departments.

5. About Link

  1. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to constitute a partnership between you or your company.
  2. Our company would not be responsible for any loss or damage in connection with the use of our site.
  3. Information and URL of this site will be changed without priority notice.
  4. Please do not stretch a link with indefinite by this site and withhold a display within a frame etc.
  5. We will strictly block the link that may infringe or violate to our copyright.
  6. We will block for any content related to the below including website link, printing, e-mail, etc.
    - Disturbing public order
    - Illegal contents
    - Adult contents
    - Contents defame, disgrace and libel of our company
  7. The notation of a company name is one among "Nissei Electric Co., Ltd." or "Nissei Electric Co., Ltd." or, and "Nissei Electric."
  8. Nothing contained in this Web Site shall be interpreted as a recommendation and/or endorsement to you and your company about the link to this site.
    Moreover, our company will not take any responsibility to you and your company. Linked Sites shall be at your own risk.

6. Disclaimer

Our company make no warranty, either express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including warranties or representations with respect to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, fitness for particular purpose and safety of the contents of this Web Site.
Our company would not be responsible for any loss or damage in connection with the use of our site.

The information on this site may be changed, modified, added or removed without priority notice. Our company would not be responsible for any loss or damage by any updating the contents of this page.

For more information and any opinion, please do not hesitate to contact our company, general affair section (info@nissei-el.co.jp)