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Environmental Impact and Agenda

Main environmental impact in development and production processes

  • Input


    Electricity / Gasoline / LPG

    Raw Materials

    Metal materials / Fiber Glass /
    Glass for Fiber /
    Silicone Powder /
    Fluorocarbon / Plastic /
    Chemical product

    office materials

    Copied paper / Other

  • Production Activity


    Head office /
    Ryuyo Business Unit /
    Tatsuyama Factory

  • Output

    Industrial waste
    Recycle material
    Air pollution
    Packing material

Agenda in environmental system

1. Waste Lost prevention and reduction by materials fully utilization.
TQC activities.
2. Recycle Do garbage separation properly.
Measures for the recycling of silicone rubber, fluorocarbon polymer and glass fiber.
3. Air Pollution Development of alternative technology of Dichloromethane
4. Product Preparation of life cycle assessment system
5. Packing Preventing of over packing and using returnable boxes
6. Environmental improvement in company