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Green Procurement

Notice about green procurement to our vendors

In order to promote the environmental friendly products with our vendors, the Green Standard for procurement has been issued and disclosed. We are now carrying out the Green procurement activities.
We require our partnerships to fulfill management and material purchasing based on our Green Standard for procurement. We ask for improvement for any bad impacts for environment continuously.

Materials Purchasing Standards

  1. Complying with laws of chemical substance control from domestic and oversea.
  2. No use of "Prohibited substance"
  3. Grasp for consistence of chemical substance.
  4. Less environmental impacts such as chemical substance, air pollution, water pollutions, land pollution etc.
  5. Planning for recycle resources material and part, and targeting for energy and resource saving.
  6. Carry out of recycle plan.
  7. Disclose environmental information related to purchase material.
  8. Packing material are also applicable to 1-7.

Green Procurement standard

We would like to ask for your kindly cooperation to stop using any materials which will damage environment and share with us for the material substances information.
Procurement Standard (Revised on 29th March, 2024)

Green Procurement Standards Ver.27 (English)[PDF:239.3KB]

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