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Environmental Effort

Photovoltaic power generator installed in our company

Our company obtained ISO14001 certification in November, 2001 onward. We put effort in environmental friendly policy-production with less usage in energy, resources and chemical. We try our best to balance development and environmental protection.

Therefore, form November, 2006 onward, we installed and operated Photovoltaic power generator at the roof top of 2nd Factory in our head office (Rated output 100kw). As a result, we reduce the emission of greenhouse gas such as CO2, which mainly caused Global warming.

This facility satisfy our daily operations, moreover it helps to solve the electricity shortage for local area. We voluntary supply our electricity in non-working hours to local community. This is a way for us to contribute our society. This is a project between New Energy Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), a researching institute and our company. We submit data about electricity generation capacity, temperature, sunlight volume…etc to NEDO by daily, monthly, yearly basis.

Photovoltaic power generation system in headquarters

Rate output 100kw
No. of Solar power panels 560 Pcs.
(Size:1290mm x 990mm)
Estimated Capacity 110,000kwh/year
Estimated fuel reduction 26,700L/year
Estimated CO2reduction 19,800kg-c/year
本社 太陽光発電設備

Photovoltaic power generation system in Ryuyo Business Unit

Rate output 100kw
No. of Solar power panels 400 Pcs.
Estimated Capacity 114,269kwh/年
Estimated fuel reduction 27,736L/year
Estimated CO2reduction 20,568kg-c/year
竜洋 太陽光発電設備

Certification of ISO14001

Certified on 21st November, 2000
Certified Body TUV Reinland Berlin Brandenburg
Certification No. 01-104-000505
Certified Factory Headquarter and Ryuyo Business Unit