Optical Fiber

Light Guide is bundled optical fiber for light transmission.
We can provide plastic fiber, multi-component glass fiber or quartz glass fiber. Plastic fiber is suitable when heat durability is not required. Multi-component glass fiber is suitable when heat durability is required. Quartz glass fiber is suitable when low-loss and large wavelength band are required. We provide 4 types standard light guide for various needs.

Vacuum-resistant fiber (LICOM feed through)

  • Usable under vacuum environment.
  • Abailable for low-out gas type, heat resistant type.
  • Verification of leakage amout by Helium Leak Detector by using Helium detector is possiple.
  • Capable transmitting light at various wavelengths. (Ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light.)
  • Possible to provide Flange having designed shape in accordance with standards / original design.
  • Optical measuring film thickness.
  • Member of optical sensor for window.

Light Guide for UV emitting device

  • High purity quartz glass fiber suitable for UV transmission
  • Able to produce multi-branch, or various type light guide for UV emitting device.
  • ​Heardning the UV curing resin
  • ​Lighting for optical measuring
Products designed and manufactured upon customer's requirements.
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