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High-Power Delivery Fibers

Optical fibers for high power laser transmitting propose in welding, marking, medical apparatus and so on.

High-power delivery fibers

  • Optical fibers for high power laser transmitting use in multi-purposes such as welding, marking, medical apparatus etc.
  • As fiber materials, silica fiber with excellent light stability and Ge doped silica fiber are available.
  • Air gap constructed connector and excellent decentering level through original process (20μm or less).

High-power delivery fibers (HEC type)

  • It can deliver high-power laser.
  • Water-cooling mechanism inside.
  • Multi-mode fiber with NA0.22, 50/100/200μm core.

Multi mode combiner

  • Excelent durability.
  • High power delivery.
  • Easy to handling.
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