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Pipe Insertion Heater

This product is formed by coiling resistance wire around a glass core, adding silicone rubber insulation and sealing in a pipe. Both aluminum pipe and copper pipe of two types are available. Maximum temperature is 180℃ and electric density is 40W/M or less. Both pipe ends are molded, making for excellent in the water and the moisture resistance and used for defrosting coils for refrigerators.

Pipe Insertion Heater

Product Name
  • Copper Pipe Heater
  • Aluminum Pipe Heater
  • Copper Pipe Heater : PSRHC
  • Aluminum Pipe Heater : PSRHA
  • Core heater inserted metal pipe product.
  • Fixable shape by metal pipe.
  • Excellent in the heat distribution.
  • Excellent in the water distribution.
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Pipe Insertion Heater Catalogue

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