Our photo-interrupter type fluid level sensor is consists of optical fiber, luminous elements, and fluorocarbon polymer tubing. And we also produce the electrode type fluid level sensor. Both are weather and chemical resistance.

Liquid surface level sensor (optical type or electrode type)

  • Optical fiber sensor detects object or liquid by using light, so it is low influenced by noise and it can be made into small and light weight.
  • Good in weatherability, heat resistance, and flexibility.
  • Low noise influence by using optical fiber.
  • Cold light transmission is possible.
  • By selecting a protective layer, chemical resistance (fluoride resin), strength (spiral tube), or flexibility (silicone rubber) can be improved.
  • Explosion-proof and safety.
  • Also able to produce branched fiber type sensor.

​We can design and produce various sensor according to your detect object.
We can fulfill your various needs such as heat resistance, chemical resistance strength, flexibility, and so on.
  • Optical fiber type optoelectronic switch
  • Liquid surface detecting sensor
  • Image detecting sensor
  • Line sensor
  • No-contact type temperature sensor
  • Sensor for CCD lighting
  • Sensor for analyzing blood
  • Pattern detecting sensor
  • Substrate positioning sensor
  • Various detectors
  • Optical encoder
Products designed and manufactured upon customer's requirements.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.