Optical Parts

Fiber optical window is high performance image transmission object made by glass. Bundle hundreds of thousands of very small diameter multi component glass optical fiber, then fuse them by high temperature, and process it with high precision. This product is suitable for the window material of the image sensor.
In particular, liner type FOW is sandwich structure and its both sides are base glass. It is possible to provide shading layer if you need.

Rigid Light Guide

  • Our RLG is made by multi compnent glass optical fiber, the glass is suitable for tansmission of NUV~NIR light.
  • 2 types, Fiber Array type and Clad Rod type.
  • In particular, Fiber Array type is good at heat resistance and chemical resistance. Because of organic glue is not used.
  • Cap, protection exterior, or glass coating which absorbs leak light available for selection.
  • Suitable for high-efficient lighting, high-density lighting, lighting of narrow or dangerous space.
  • Device for stiffening photo polymerization resin
  • Lighting device for medical or industrial
  • Sensor for image detection
  • Penlight type lighting device
  • Liquid surface level control device
  • Light guide for optical thyristors


  • ​For using ultraviolet part~near infrared part.
  • ​Products designed and manufactured upon customer's requirements.
  • ​For Semiconductor or liquid crystal manufactuiring equipment.
  • ​For measurement equipment.
  • ​For testing equipment.

Spherical Surface Machining

  • Lens effect. (Condence or radiate.)
  • Bending processing.
  • Excellent heat and chemical resistance.
  • ​Lighting up the narrow part.
  • ​Lighting up the explosion-proof part.
Products designed and manufactured upon customer's requirements.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.